Integration through people


What can MSYS5 do for you?


MSYS5 provides a variety of support services. These include Consultancy, advice, as well as Teaching Training, Learning and Development.

All of these elements link together. From an opportunity to develop people this can lead in reverse to these people providing teaching and training themselves within the organisation. We would argue that integration through people is based upon the ability to provide internal advice and consultancy. In other words it all links together and MSYS5 can help to facilitate this process.

Our focus is to develop your staff, in a comfortable setting, so that they can be continuously motivated, focused, determined and dedicated. An all round focus balancing both work and life is important to personal and organisational success.



This is not about us holding the knowledge that others do not hold. This is about pooling our knowledge together, both internally and externally, and finding a path forward to the benefit of all. It is about facilitating and taking any direction that we, together, believe is important. 

Consulting means to assess the current situation and expectations. It is about resource management and supporting projects, which when integrated can develop opportunities for the future.

Advice means to take what we have gleaned from the consultancy actions and translating these into hard products. It could also be that "external" viewpoint and thinking outside of the box.

TTLD is about teaching, training, learning and development. Not only does it hinge on the consultancy and advice but draws from shared experiences.  This service also lends itself to providing TTLD in an educational environment exposing students to experiences, balancing these with theoretical knowledge and all focused on making a difference.

  THEseMSYS5 is open to any opportunity, and can be available at short notice, to support your organisation or educational establishment. MSYS5 has 35 years of logistics, International finance, budgeting, experience. During this same time MSYS5 has some 16 years of experience lecturing to Master of Business Administration students. 

Is your organisation holding, or looking, to contract with NATO? Perhaps we could help you to prepare and manage this relationship. 

Does your organisation want to develop a culture of learning and development? Perhaps we could help? 

Does your organisation have small projects that need support, particular if these are in English? Perhaps we could help.

Does your educational institution need back up support at peak times or to cover capability shortfalls? Perhaps MSYS5 could help.

What not complete the contact form and see if there is a relationship that is possible.