Integration through people

MSYS5 is a one person organisation. This person has many years (35) of service with NATO. For some 17 years as an Aircraft Ground Equipment and Aircraft technician concluding with maintenance quality control activities and resource management experience. For the final 20 years of this NATO career experience was gained within Finance and Contracting, but with direct responsibility for strategic, operational and tactical budgeting, including defence of these budgets to the NATO nations.

Even though this NATO employment was intensive, challenging, and enjoyable, experience was also gained in lecturing to Master of Business Administration (MBA) Students. This lecturing provided students with management knowledge and skills at certificate, Diploma and Masters degree levels. The lecturing took place in Europe and as such all students came from many different Nationalities and backgrounds. 

MSYS5 has been set up as a follow on activity now that retirement age has been reached. Age is not however a determining factor as to ability to transfer knowledge and experience and to support the development of people.

This one person organisation of MSYS5 has qualifications that include an MBA, Chartered Manager with the UK Chartered Institute of Management, Associate of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development.

MSYS5 is located in the south of Netherlands, but willing to travel. All of MSYS5 work will be performed in English.